Season 2, Episode 8: Ash Hauenschild (Georgia: The Country/Indonesia/Armenia/Germany/Australia)

In which your host and his long-time droog reflect on snow, Georgia: The Country, the state of modern Indonesia, and the bureaucratic perils involved with attempting to "make it" in Germany as a non-Germanic buffoon (feat. Pitbull).

Intro Music: The Trip - Still Corners
Entrance Music: Ich Gehe Jetzt - Einstürzende Neubauten

Mikheil Saakashvili (and his post-Georgian career)

Requisite Weekly Nagging Re: Forthcoming Semi-Biannual Expatriate Act Call-In Show -- (402)-979-6685

The Official Expatriate Act Call-In Show only happens once every 2.5 years. Ask any question you’d like and your beleaguered host will do his damndest to answer it. All questions will (initially) be ignored by your beleagured host, and will instead be transcribed by some super creepy Google software. You will, at no point, have to talk to an actual human being. But these questions will nevertheless be answered, in due time, by your beleaguered host.

Further beleaguere your already beleaguered host at the following toll-free number: (402)-979-6685.

Intro Music: Hanging on the Telephone - Blondie
Outro Music: Call Me - Blondie

Season 2, Episode 6: J. Russell Mikkelsen (Norway/Taiwan/China/Thailand/Vietnam/Indonesia)

Fellow podcaster, fellow wanderer, fellow writer, and all-around good fellow J. Russell Mikkelsen (a/k/a "Jo") sits down with your host to talk about the collision between the wandering Western idiot, the Big Wide World, and the stories that come out of such collisions.

Give his podcast a gander at, and be on the lookout for I'm Not There Yet, his forthcoming travel memoir (though neither of us, to be clear, enjoy the words “travel memoir,” especially when used in tandem).

Intro Music: Can You Get to That - Funkadelic
Entrance Music: Devil is Fine - Zeal & Ardor

The Second Quasi-Annual Call-In Show: (402)-979-6685

In which your host revives his Google Voice phone number for an ultra-intimate call-in session. Questions about anthropology? Questions about your life, or love life? Questions about Georgia: The Country? Questions about Georgia: The State. NO. Nobody understands or can pretend to understand the State of Georgia.

Intro Music: Gimme A Call Chance The Rapper (feat. SOX & Taylor Bennett)
Outro Music: Party LineThe Kinks

Season 2, Episode 5: Adli Adian (Indonesia)

In which your host interviews an actual human — a college freshman studying in Bandung, Indonesia — and learns a shit ton about the largest archipelago in the world.

Intro Music: Shave - Enon
Entrance Music: Indonesia Theme/Medieval (Civilization 6 OST) - Rejang Dewa; Bapang Selisir
Outro Music: Range Life - Pavement

Campus Tour - Keith Petit (Creighton University/Omaha)

In which your host holds forth on his afternoon on the campus of the alma mater he hasn't visited in twelve years, and the ways in which academics are being swiftly undermined by corporate interests, and nobody seems to notice or care as long as the basketball team keeps winning.

Intro Music: Modern World - The Modern Lovers
Outro Music: Modern World - Wolf Parade Find Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta here. Find his fake students here.